Hey Rog! How You Doin’?

02-15 03 Roger Flexing

I’m glad you asked. I’m a month into my 78th year and ought to be in a rest home or in my recliner watching novelas on the tube. Fact is that despite not being able to run since last May, I’m keeping in shape. My chronic ankle problem is just part of life after more than 32 years. The worn-out knees pain me when I get up after sitting a while or when I stand in one place too long as on a line at the bank or during a l-o-n-g prayer or song session at church. I seem to be managing my dry skin problem with Nivea cream, but it still flakes like the last stages of sunburn. I always wear my sombrero when I go out, or a ball cap if I’m going bike riding or there’s too much wind.

I enjoy bike riding although there’s really nowhere to go that doesn’t include long stretches on the highway. Now that I’m a couple of blocks closer to the park, I enjoy riding or walking to do my pull-ups, stretches, and bench dips for my back arms.

I’ve willed myself to eat less and less of the not-so-healthy foods and Pepsi. I weighed 176 lbs. this morning. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to use the third hole on my belt. It feels good and Margarita likes what she sees.

Only God knows if I’ll live to see 100 and still be reasonably functioning. But in the meantime, I’m enjoying probably the best years of my erstwhile superactive and exciting life.

My more important life, the spiritual one, continues to grow as I encounter God where he comes to give me tasks. Not great ones, but tasks in His service. I’ve learned to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to receive His call and recognize His blessings. I sit at my desk and the reflection on the screen shows the face of a contented man. In the background I see Margarita going about her chores, Adriana looking for mischief or tagging after her mom imitating her to the letter, and Luís spacing out or leaning on a wall so as not to wear out his 11-year old spine. I see this larger house with its furnishings comfortably spaced, the walls adorned with art and hangings other than Adri’s drawings, the new bed purchased only yesterday that afforded us the best night’s sleep we’ve had in a long time. I think of our daughter finally getting the heart examinations she was supposed to get five or six months ago. I see her papers coming home, “Adriana del Carmen Brown Olmedo”. I conjure an image of our kitchen and bedroom with the new furniture we’ve shopped for and will buy over the next couple of months. I recall the glow on Margarita’s face when we dealt with the salesman at the furniture store. That happy countenance is worth more than any motorcycle I could want. I know the source of all this joy. The more I adhere to God’s plan, the more He blesses me and my family.

How’m I doin’? I’m doin’ just fine, thank you! How are you?

02-15 04 Kountry King



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