The Funnies

I love the funnies.  I’ve loved them since childhood.  My dad would sit me on his lap on his one day off and read the Sunday funnies to me.  All the funnies weren’t funny of course.  There were adventure series’, police stories, and war-based comic strips as well.  I’m happy to say I haven’t outgrown the funnies and I can now read my favorites daily on the Web.

Sometimes the one-panel comics seem to be talking to me about something in my life and I’ll copy it to post on Facebook.  If I see a strip that reminds me of a family member or a friend, I’ll insert it in an Email and hope the recipient appreciates my sense of humor.  An example is this one:

I spend a lot of my time writing.  Sometimes I get a great idea while I’m jogging on the highway.  By the time I get home I can’t even remember the subject.  Other times I’m typing as fast as I can and Margarita will start talking from the other room.  I’ll block her voice momentarily, but suddenly she’ll be behind me with her head on mine and there and my train of thought gets derailed.

There are strips that make me think of my life here in El Salvador.  I’ve noted often that it’s different here.  So when I read “Pooch Cafe”, a strip with anthropomorphic animals and their people whose level of critical thinking and reasoning are at odds with one another, I relate to similar situations between members of my church or my family and me. 

Pooch Café

So the funnies not only serve to entertain me in my second childhood, but I get to share them with and poke a little fun at others.  It’s what I do.

As the campaign for president in the U.S. heats up with its fantasy facts, name-calling, and downright foolishness, it’s the comics who seem to editorialize a bit and put American politics in a spotlight that aims to point out the folly, the bigotry, and the egocentricity of our candidates.  It beats bombing campaign offices, shooting donkeys and elephants, or having to face off with the National Guard at your local park or town square.

Keep the jokes coming, I say.  We’ll hear lots at the major conventions this fall. 


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