Duke, the Rat Killer

Duke the Wonder Dog proved his worth as a member of the Brown-Olmedo family once more.  His quick thinking and courage saved us from the ravages of a young rat who fled the raging storm for the security of our washing machine.

Last night, he was on the patio barking profusely.  If there were a cat on the roof it would have fled.  If the rooster had flown the coop he would be chasing it and we’d hear his wings flapping and his crow shrieking.  I went out to look.

He was sticking his nose in the little space between the back of the washer and the cement cistern/wash table.  Margarita said there was a rat.  It wasn’t the first that had sought refuge there.  I tipped the machine frontward toward me so Duke would have space for his body beneath it.  Margarita ran for a flashlight so we could see what was going on.

I held the washer against my legs and pounded on the back panel to frighten the rodent who as yet had not been seen.  I must have jarred him loose because suddenly Duke backed out with the creature in his mouth.  The little guy’s tail stood almost horizontally from Duke’s lips.  I was afraid that if it were alive it might bite him, so I told him to drop it.  He did.  It wasn’t moving.  I guess he crushed him to death quickly.  Margarita came with the dust pan and scooped up the corpse to deposit it in the garbage.

“Good boy!” I told Duke.  He was quite pleased with himself.  I reassured him that we wouldn’t bring a cat into the family for the task he had so admirably handled.  To his list of honorifics we have added “mataratas“, “rat killer”.   Our hero.


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