Jehová Es Mi Pastor; The Lord is My Shepherd

Increasingly, my life is focused on Adriana.  I hate the delays that bureaucrats and lawyers throw at my feet to slow the process of my adopting this little princess.  But that does not deter me from being the father I have long wanted to be.

Yesterday, the kids had no classes.  Whatever the required number of contact days are mandated by the Ministry of Education, it doesn’t seem like my kids are taught their portion.  Adriana turned around and came home last Thursday and Friday.  It turns out the teacher’s mother was sick.  We ran into the teacher on the microbus from Chalchuapa.  No substitute teachers here.  No problem for the school director if staff takes off to minister to an adult relative.  Not much education.

Margarita and I took the kids to Santa Ana.  Our first stop was the Baptist Library.  I wanted to check out the Baptist Hymnal with the music.  We have them with only the lyrics.  I also wanted to buy for Adriana a Bible she would read and enjoy.  I found just what I wanted.

Adriana's new Bible

We had some fun at Metro Centro, the mall in Santa Ana.  We went to McDonald’s in the food court and enjoyed Big Macs and Happy Meals.  Luís got “Taz” for a toy and Adri got Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend Lola.  I wasn’t aware he had one.  It’s been a long time since I watched “Looney Tunes”.  We looked in all the store windows like the hayseeds that we are visiting the big city.  We all had ice cream cones and Adriana got some new colas, pretty colored elastics for her long hair.
When we wore Santa Ana out, we took the bus to Chalchuapa and bought a large, rectangular wheeled plastic tub with a sealable lid for the kids’ toys.  They’ve been in rotting cardboard boxes or all over the floor in the foyer to their suite across the patio from the main part of the house.  We also bought a new waste paper basket for the kids and a plastic colander to wash and sift maicillo, the small kernels of corn that are now the mainstay of our chickens’ diet.
At home, I sat down to my desk to record the expenses and Adriana came in and stood beside me.  I have learned not to ignore, put off, or seem annoyed when “disturbed” by my kids.  I thank God for finally learning that lesson.  She opened her Bible to the dedication page and showed me that it was bare.  And so I wrote:


She beamed when I handed her back her Bible and ran to show her mother.  I thought that would be the proudest moment of my day.  I’m often wrong.  Margarita was going to the afternoon prayer service at church.  I was too tired from all the walking we’d done.  Adriana always goes where her mother goes.  She made sure I saw her Bible in her hand when they left.
When they came home, Margarita couldn’t wait to tell me how many comments Adriana got on her new Bible and how proud she was when people read the inscription.  I guess I teared up a little when Adriana came over to give me a hug and a little snuggle.
Jehová es mi pastor; nada me faltará.  The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He has answered my prayers with bonuses.

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