I’m Gonna Ride to Heaven on a Streamline Train

Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) 1956

“Well, everything’s a-changing. The days go rolling by. Believe I’m getting old and I know I soon must die.” is the start of an old Montana Slim song I used to sing called “I’m Gonna Ride to Heaven on a Streamline Train”.  I’ve been thinking lately.  I have too much time on my hands to think.

Since August when my knees gave up and both were killing me so badly I could hardly walk let alone run, I’ve felt some strange changes in various parts of my body.  Individually, they didn’t and don’t seem like much to be concerned about.  But collectively, I started to wonder. Is this the beginning of the end?

If you’ve had a pet dog or cat it seems to know when it’s going to die.  It lacks energy, isn’t aroused by a favorite toy or activity, loses interest in food.  If you’re aware of these changes and have experience with animals, you know you’re about to lose a friend.  Sure enough, in a short time you find your pal lying in a secluded part of the house or yard cold and stiff.

Do humans have this same canniness?  We are animals, you know.  Primates like chimps and gorillas.  Mammals like elephants and dogs.  Why shouldn’t we be aware of our imminent demise?

So if one day soon my Emails go unanswered and no new blogs appear on WordPress or Facebook, you’ll have the answer.

Roger Brown and Wilf Carter 1955


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