Up to Here with 9/11

Pardon me if I don’t come off like a super-patriot but I’m sick and tired of all this 9/11 news. I’m also tired of Princess Dianna, Hurricane Katrina, and the Gulf oil spill. Americans seem to enjoy wallowing in tragedy. They can’t get enough of it. Their tragedy or someone else’s make no difference.

Yes, 9/11 was a horrific day in history. So was Custer’s Last Stand, many events in the so-called Indian wars, the Johnstown flood, any number of mine disasters, the Hindenburg, Pearl Harbor, the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King…just to name a few. The tragedy calendar is as full as the saints’ day calendars in the Catholic church. So every (pick your date) you get out your flags, summon your ex-presidents, take up collections for your monuments, and grieve.

This is 2011 not 2001. The terrorists have cities paralyzed, tourists stationary, and every day people are looking over their shoulders for suicide bombers as if New York were Baghdad. You folks need to get over it. Stop yakking about who is/was to blame, if they’re still plotting something even more catastrophic, and either condemning or adoring George W. Bush. It’s over. It’s been over for ten years. Baseball will be played but not without the tenor cop reprising “God Bless America”. The subway trains will roll, taxis will tear up and down the avenues, planes will take off and land, and ferries will carry people to Staten Island and back. They’ll salute and shed a tear as they pass the Statue of Liberty. Before we all know it, it will be the 12th of September and everyone will be back to work, school, or waiting for Congress to follow the President’s urging so they can get on with their American dreams.

We can’t mourn the flood victims, the drought victims or the fools who die in Yosemite or choose to wrestle bears in Yellowstone. Life goes on. Joplin will rebuild. The Mississippi basin will ebb and flood as it always has. Get off 9/11 as we’ve gotten off Dec. 7th and Nov. 22nd. It’s history.


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