On Freedom of the Press and A Week of Blessings

There are folks here who don’t have the “Freedom of the Press” concept in their mental inventory.  My church asked me to take down my blog with its news.  It’s a long story and I won’t go into it here.  I will continue to construct a web site for it.  It won’t be on-line until it’s approved by the pastor and deacons.  There are still some people who don’t understand that this is the age of communication and anyone can publish blogs or send messages to anyone else in the world who has the Internet available.

So, I took down a page I wrote yesterday (which I should have copied and saved) that I will endeavor to replicate here.

Impulse International Missions crew

 Last week I was a participant in a short-term mission trip with some old and some new friends from Ohio.  They came with Impulse International Mission Trips’ president, Pastor Bill Hayes, and the team leader, his wife Cheri. (Check them out at http://impulsemissions.com/

Their mission statement will give you partial insight into who they are and what they seek to accomplish on their trips to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.  Impulseexists to mobilize people for short-term mission trips and to encourage participation in international missions and missions support. Our goal is to help people, churches, pastors, and missionaries all over the world through evangelism, humanitarian aid, construction and whatever means are available to win the lost and serve Christ by serving others.

There were sixteen missionaries who came to El Salvador to do Vacation Bible Schools for the children of two churches, lay a cement floor in another, and to paint the interior walls of my church.  My part was to obtain transportation for them to and from the airport, to help with translation, and to have a good time playing games with a lot of happy children.

It was also a blessing for me to be able to talk to people who understood what I was saying.  Bill & Cheri visited our house for a brief tour during their lunch break last Thursday.  I enjoyed riding with the van owner to the airport to pick them up and again to return them on Saturday.  People who had time with Margarita told me how much they loved her.  Of course, Adriana was a hit with them too.  When she came from school, she gave everyone a hug.

We had a delicious lunch on Thursday consisting of Pollo Campero, El Salvador’s answer to KFC, fresh salad, delicious rice, and sweet local soda.

Chicken, RIce & Salad
After lunch, children came and were treated with games, Bible study and coloring, crafts, and other delights.

Bible Study and Crafts

The children felt blessed and were all happy for the opportunity to play with jump ropes and soccer balls that the team brought.  They were all given some candy which made them even happier.
Joyful Children
After prayer, thanks were given to our company and they received tokens of appreciation.  The women were given hand-made ear rings and all got a wooden plaque with a different photo of something typically Salvadoran.   There were many hugs and a few tears shed.  I’m looking forward to their next visit.

Cheri Hayes showing reverse of gift plaque.


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