I’m Workin’ on a Building

I’m working on a building.  Working on a building.  I’m working on a building for my Lord, for my Lord.  It’s a Holy Ghost building.  It’s a Holy Ghost building.  It’s a Holy Ghost building for my Lord, f0r my Lord.  (Bill Monroe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBDZ3G4RCHc)

I’m neither a carpenter, brick mason, plumber or electrician.  I’m good for handing them tools and cleaning up afterward.  I can carry my share of whatever needs to be hauled.  But I leave the trades to those trained in them.  What I can do requires more brain than brawn and that’s the “building” I’m working on.

For the past few years I’ve been constructing a website for our church, Primera Iglesia Bautista Nazarea de El Refugio, Ahuachapán in El Salvador.  But the work did not have much spirit due to the chaos wrought by our previous pastor.  I saw no direction for the church, no plan, no leadership.  So, it was hard to create more than an electronic outline for what I wanted to build for my church.  I didn’t get very far with the work and didn’t care that I hadn’t.

Our new pastor is the sun rising out of a stormy night.  He has a vision for the church which encourages and animates us into action.  His ideas and energy have revitalized my desire to put the best website on the Internet that I am capable of writing.  I only took one semester of web design at a community college, so I do everything the long way.  I’ve had a Front Page program for years but I’ve never used it.  HTML writing is a mental challenge and good for keeping Dr. Alzheimer from knocking at my door.

As it stands now, the Home Page is complete with animated flags, an inspiring song of faith and living hope, and the links are in place.  Of the eight sections to the site, one is well on its way to completion.  I’m waiting to get some historical, biographical, and other pertinent information for the balance of the pages.  The photo gallery will have links to SkyDrive and YouTube so viewers can enjoy pictures and videos I’ve taken over the seven years I’ve worked in the church.

Ah, but the best part for you readers is that everything will be bilingual.  The website will be able to connect PIBN with other Baptist churches and NGOs here in El Salvador as well as friends and supporters in the U.S. and Canada.  Our Compassion International sponsors, through our CDI program, will be able to see on a regular basis what their children are doing here in El Refugio.  Presently, the kids write to their sponsors four times a year and photos are sent along with their letters.

Short-term missionaries who help us in the areas of evangelism, health, construction and with purchases of Bibles, office equipment, and other out-of-reach items will see the fruits of their labors and contributions in living color.

So now it is again a labor of love.  With every successful addition and change, I feel humbled and edified.  The church is coming alive once more and I with it.  I don’t know how long it will take me to complete the task and upload it, but I hope the world will see it and come to know our church in a personal way.

Blessings to one and all.


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