Gettin’ It Together at Primera Iglesia Bautista Nazarea

This morning we had our second Sunday school class for adults. Pastor Darío began it and Hno. Santiago popped in and out. He’ll be teaching our class as well. We had 22 people in attendance. Not all came on time, but some traditional late-comers weren’t all that late. Another victory for Jesus.

I noticed some of the CDI boys whose families are not members came for the youth class. This is what we prayed for. We also had a responsible adult caring for the little noise-makers who had been running in and out of the church during service, shouting to each other as they passed through the congregation, or just sat talking to our distraction.

The service was again poignant and taught about serving God. Not in the abstract. Several practical areas were mentioned. Included in the sermon was an intelligent exposition of the first line of the 23rd Psalm. Pastor spoke about who God is and what our relationship to Him is. He is an educated man and knows not only his history but something about Jewish history and the culture of Jesus’ time. How refreshing to listen to him! It’s like your favorite college class. It’s not made up from local folk tales and false teachings.

Following the service was our monthly assembly. The reorganization of leadership according to the Bible began here. Seven members who met the standards of deaconship according to Acts 6:3 (“Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.”), minus the sexual discrimination of the 1st century Middle Eastern culture, were elected. I am proud that the first to be elected was my precious wife Margarita, who blesses me continually as my spiritual beacon. Others chosen are Hno. Santiago Rivera, his wife Hna. Rosita Vindel de Rivera, Hno. Francisco Argueta, his wife Hna. Mayra Guevara de Argueta, Hno. Gabriel Mendoza Cazún, and Hno. Manuel Dubón.

It was reported that at Saturday’s CDI Parents’ Class/Meeting, we earned $27.00 between selling pasteles that the women cooked and snack sales from our chalet, the little store we have on the premises. We also collected $8.50 toward the three ceiling fans we will install in the sanctuary when we buy them. These amounts and purchase goals may seem small to American readers, but they represent a lot of hard work under relatively primative conditions by American standards, but in our economy they are significant. The feeling of being a participant in these endeavors and the completion of the exterior painting of the classrooms is exceedingly satisfying. (A short video of the painting earlier in the day may be seen at:

We are truly gettin’ it together. God has heard our cries for new leadership and a helmsman was delivered to get us back on course. We are again feeling like family united toward a common goal. Our optimism is based on a solid foundation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is truly worthy of our praise and gratitude.


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