Jesus and Drano?

The Bible with its lengthy cast of characters and variety of moral lessons is often associated with the word “metaphor”.  No one has more descriptors than Jesus.  He is the King or kings, Lord of lords, Lamb of God, teacher, doctor, savior and so forth.  Well, I’m going to break with metaphors and introduce a simile.  Jesus is like Drano.

It struck me while I was running this morning that yes, Jesus is like Drano.  Drano, that caustic liquid that we pour down our toilets and drains being careful not to let it get on us…like Jesus?  Whoa, brother!

Let’s carefully examine what Drano does.  It literally removes crap and garbage from toilets and drains to allow the free flow of pure water to reach its destination.  It does so without damaging the receptacles and ducts in which it does it’s work.  The use of Drano results in maximum utilization of sinks, showers and bath tubs, and toilets.  Toilets flush more efficiently.  Drains evacuate water more swiftly.  There are no scratches, abrasions, or damage of any kind.  All runs smoothly.

Jesus removes the crap from our lives.  He purges our souls of our sins.  He cleanses our thoughts and deeds.  He purifies our lives and enables us to flow freely toward our destinations.  He does it with His unfailing love that leaves no scars, no pain, no residue from our crap, which is all the things we formerly did to damage our relationship with God, with loved ones, and with ourselves.  He rids us of anger, selfishness, lust, greed, and all the things that kept us from being who we were created to be.  When we accept His mercy and follow Him, all runs smoothly.

Jesus Ascending to Heaven



One response to “Jesus and Drano?

  1. MeanGene or MedianGene

    Ah, this analogy would also explain certain caustic quarters of the the JC fan club!

    Luv Ya!

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