Terry Jones: Murderer

Terry Jones, self-described Christian pastor, is an American terrorist responsible for the deaths of ten innocent people and the injuring of 83 others in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  He is the equivalent of the don who orders a Mafia hit, the dictator who orders opposition party supporters thrown from airplanes into the ocean, the pope who authorizes an inquisition, or an Islamist who officiates at the beheading of an American journalist or the stoning of a woman.

Damn Jones to hell for his ignorance, hatred, and wanton participation in the murder of innocents. This is NOT what Jesus would do. Why the Feds haven’t silenced this man goes beyond reason of the 1st Amendment. He has falsely yelled, “Fire!” in the theater and people have been trampled to death.

We need more than condemning speeches by the President. Workers of the world are rising against their masters in the most unlikely of places. It CAN happen anywhere if governments fail to respond to the will of the people whose primary goal is JUSTICE.

United Nations: It is a new era. Get in line or get swallowed up in the tsunami of revolution. Governments are not sacred; people are.


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