Skype: Joy on the Internet

I have only a handful of folks on my Skype contacts list.  One is family, a couple are old church friends in California, one is a missionary team leader, another is a fellow from this neck of the woods but who lives in California and whose family is known to Margarita, the last is the distaff half of a couple I’ve known for 45 years. 

The family person never has her Skype on and I am missing conversations with her that we would have on the phone if I were in the U.S.  Even moreso, I am missing seeing my grandchildren who are growing up too quickly.

One of the two church friends keeps in touch via email and Facebook.  The other not.  The missionary also emails when he’s got a question about our common work in Central America.  We and the California Salvadoran visit each others’ homes regularly.

The couple and I have only Skyped twice.  The first was a joyous reunion with the man who played lead guitar in our band and sang the harmony to my melody, and his wonderful wife of all these years.  The second occurrence came today.  It was so good to not only talk with Jeannie, but to be able to see her.  What a miracle in communication!  She’s in Georgia and I’m in El Salvador.  But it was as if we were in the same room.  And it’s been almost as if we’d passed through a time warp from the 60s to the 10s.  We all may look a little differently but our relationship is the same.

I proudly got to show off my daughter María when she came home from school at Noon.  The stinker wouldn’t speak English for Jeannie and make me even prouder.  But at least Jeannie got to see the delicious lunch María prepared for me in her mother’s absence.  How marvelous to be able to share my life’s joys with an old friend electronically if not in person!

So, three cheers for Skype and the way it brings people together.


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