Running Wild in El Salvador

To thine own self be true.  Good motto.  I hadn’t run since November 9th.  I’ve put on 15 lbs. and feel like a 75-year old man.  Trying to get Margarita to understand what my desired diet has to be is difficult.  They seem to eat every other hour and I insist on eating when I’m hungry and not the starch they stuff themselves with. 

I had a “me” day nutritionally yesterday.  I had a bowl of cereal and orange juice for breakfast.  By 10:30 she was asking me what I wanted for lunch.  I told her (as usual) that I didn’t know what I was going to want when I would be hungry.  She made hamburgers.  I told her I wasn’t going to eat them.  I had no appetite and I can’t continue eating just because she feels some cultural obligation to feed me when the kids eat.

By evening, I said I would eat something.  She heated the burgers in the microwave and I could see a mountain of rice on the plate.  I told her I cannot eat the starch she’s been feeding me and told her I wanted something green.  I have enough cans of Del Monte vegetables collecting dust on the shelf.  She swapped the rice for salad.  I told her a little portion of rice is good and she added it.  This morning, I was down from 187 to 185.  It was all the motivation I needed.

I bought some liver while Margarita and María were at the clinic this morning.  Around Noon, María came home to make lunch, I assumed, for the kids.  I smelled bacon, onions, and liver.  I was happy the kids would be eating something other than beans and tortillas, although they seem quite content with same old same old.  Suddenly, my beautiful daughter places a plate in front of me at my desk.  What could I say?  I gave her a hug and ate it.  It was darned good.  The liver was tender and the bacon crispy.  The onions were juicy and full of flavor.  It was healthy even if I had no desire to eat before I planned to run.

When I was done I told her how good it was and thanked her again.  When her mother came home I told her I appreciated her concern for my getting lunch and María’s love for preparing it.  But I do NOT want anyone feeding me unless I say “I’m hungry” and then we’ll discuss what I’d like.

So, once I digested my meal I changed into my running gear.  My shorts didn’t recognize me, it had been so long.  Adriana gave me funny looks.  Margarita told me to be careful on the highway.

When I last ran in November, I was going out for about 15 minutes and returning with the intent of building up to my hour run target.  As I trudged down my street to the corner and plodded up the streets toward the highway, I decided that I was not going to lose weight unless I ran my whole course.  I knew I had the option to stop anytime and walk back home.  But I also knew that I don’t do such things.  I determined to take my time and do the distance.  I did it in an hour and four minutes.  Not bad.

When I got back to the house, I dropped off my watch and walked to the park where I stretched, did knee bends, push-ups and pull-ups before walking home.  I felt surprisingly good although I know that by morning my bad ankle will be screaming at me.  My after-run weight was 182.  I have no Pepsi in the house and I’m going to do my best not to buy any.  Wish me luck!

Hidden Valley, CA



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