Everybody Talks About the Weather, but…

It’s freezing in Casper, WY and they’ve already had much snow.  The East Coast is enduring terrible storms.  Los Angeles and San Francisco are waiting for Arnold to leave Sacramento so Jerry can move in.  Things are rough all over.

Here in El Refugio it’s been windy for the past couple of days.  This being the dry season, it means that dust is blowing in the windows, through the doors, and between the spaces in the roof tiles to cover the floors, furniture, and food.  It’s in the water along with the mosquito larvae.  It’s in my nose.  I don’t know the Spanish word for Okie.

It briefly rained a few nights ago.  Very gently.  The rain wasn’t enough to make mud.  Nights here are comfortably cool for me; cold for Margarita and the kids.  We sleep well except for the mosquitoes.  I bathe in Off and spray the room with Raid.  I think the local zancudos have developed an immunity to Raid Double Action Flying Insect Spray.  I hear them chuckling when I let them have it. 

Then some hours later I’ll be awakened by the buzz of some little guy licking his chops over my naked body while he decides which cut of Brown he’d like to dig into first.  I’ll swat the air and it goes silent…until I fall asleep again.  Psychological warfare ensues.  The can of Raid is on the floor next to our bed.  I knock it over reaching for it and the clanging of the can on the tiles only encourages this hungry warrior.  Margarita awakens and knowingly covers her head with the blanket waiting for the hiss of toxic mist to fill the air.  I press the button and notice the almost weighlessness of the can.  Oh, no!  We’re out of Raid.  I join Margarita in her tent hoping the zancudo has a short proboscis and can’t get it through the light blanket and sheet.

In the morning I feel an itch on a knuckle.  It was where I clenched the blanket pressing it to the fitted sheet.  The little b*****d got me.  At least I didn’t scratch it bloody in my sleep as I do when it’s on my leg or arm.

I get up and go to the patio to care for Duke and shower.  Anywhere there is water there are zancudos milling about.  They may be mating or planning the next night’s assault.  I don’t know.  There is a giant tub full of water that Margarita has filled while we use up all the water in the pila, the cistern from which we draw water to wash clothes, dishes, and Duke.  She cleans it every few weeks because it is open to leaves, dust, and debris of all kinds.  There are zancudos hovering over the tub.  There are more in the shower stall even though the water was shut off by the water company and little water has dripped from the shower head during the night.

It’s partly sunny with some scattered dark clouds over the mountains to the southeast.  The breeze is cool.  I am shirtless and in shorts and sandals.  It’s ideal weather for me. 

Margarita has fasted this morning and went to church for adoration and prayer.  She is a woman of complete faith in God.  Still, she complains about His heat by day and His cold by dark.  She’s funny.  She’ll pray for God’s will to be done regarding her health.  I am constantly praying silently that she will regain it completely.  She is such a spiritually motivating presence in my life.  She is the peace and love incarnate that the Bible speaks about.  With her in my life, there are no days too hot, too cold, too dry, or too wet.  El Refugio is not only my refuge but my tropical Paradise.


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