It’s a Dog’s Life

Duke took his first ride on the microbus this morning.  He didn’t like it.  He would have gotten off if he weren’t on a leash and in my arms.  When we got to Chalchuapa his little heart was pounding.  We walked four blocks to the vet and I put him on the counter.  He looked confused.  The vet gave him his first inoculation for parvovirus and he took it unflinchingly.  Then we headed to the nearest bus stop.

I sat on the bench while Duke walked around in circles trying to determine which way was home.  There were many people passing on the sidewalk, big interurban busses blowing their horns and foul exhaust fumes, and dust that would make Oklahomans proud.  But he held on staring at people and all the strange sights in the “big” city.

When the microbus came we found a seat at the rear.  He laid in my lap tranquilly all the way back to El Refugio.  At our corner he was still panting.  When we got home I put him in front of his water and he drank his fill.  I saw him resting in the shade when I came back in the house. 

Later, he came in to tell me he was fine.  We played a while together before he started chasing the kids.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that in two weeks we go back for another shot.


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