Sunday Morning Coming Down

Margarita had a terrible day yesterday.  She coughed herself into a monstrous headache and spent most of the day in bed.  I didn’t expect her to spend too much time out of it today, but good Christian woman that she is she’s dressed and getting the kids ready for church.  This afternoon we have a birthday party to attend for our two-year old niece, Nahomy.

I was up ahead of everyone, as usual, and took care of me and Duke before Margarita stirred.  It gave me time to think. 

I was keeping a journal until my computers died and it took forever to get at least one going.  So this blog will give me the opportunity to fill that space in my life.  Of course, this will be public while my journal was not.  Still, I’m at a place in life that I don’t need to keep anything so close that I can’t share with anyone who cares to dial my URL and read about it.

There was hardly anyone in church this morning.  Margarita made it through without too much coughing.  The two hours passed relatively quickly.  Hno. Angel preached on 1 Corinthians 13.  He’s done that before.  I’m at a point where I don’t get anything new from the Bible from amateur preachers.  It’s same old same old.  Not that I’m an expert or that there’s nothing new and improving that I can’t befefit from.  We just need some fresh blood behind the pulpit, I think.

We bought 30 eggs across the street from church and we’ll have some form of them for lunch.  Mine will be with chicken dogs, cheese, and tomato on wheat tortilla with salsa picante.  We’re at that end-of-the-month doldrum where the pisto (cash) is thin and the Social Security check won’t get into the bank until Friday.  But God has been so good to us provision-wise.  I’m learning from Margarita to trust in Him and not sweat the finances like an American.

Duke the rascally puppy is growing at an unbelievable rate.  He’s getting quick and smart.  He’s better at “going” where I want him to.  As much as he hates his baths, he’s found out that it’s cool lying on the wet floor of our shower stall with the water dripping on him from above.  He likes to look out of the front door now that he can stand on his hind legs with his forelegs resting on the wrought iron grille.  He’s more comfortable and behaving better in the house.  He likes to chew on the front and kitchen door mats.  They’re old and raggedy anyway.  But he gets a sharp “NO” when we catch him chewing.  He’s pretty much stopped chewing the diaphonous curtain that hangs in the kitchen doorway to the patio.

I took him out on his leash last night and he whined and tugged against the choke chain.  Adriana encouraged him to walk, but he wouldn’t listen to her either.  I just kept him on his leash for about five minutes or so.  It will take a while for him to get used to it.

If he doesn’t like his bath, he’s going to hate riding the microbus to Chalchuapa tomorrow for his first shots.  I’ll have to carry him through the public market several blocks to get to the ‘vet’.  That will be fun.

We had a wonderful time at Nahomy’s birthday party.  She love me and I love holding her and talking with her.  Two years is a great age…for an uncle who can leave her with her mom when she’s having a “terrible twos” moment.  The family had the community tent out in the street for shade.  They had the requisite rented folding chairs, ice cream, sandwiches, horchata, and lots of candy.  There were two piñatas to provide even more sugar to rot the kids’ teeth.  The birthday cake was good and sweet.

My family is enjoying a Christmas movie on TV and Duke just woke up.  He came in and whined to sit on my lap.  Sunday has come and gone.  It was a good day.


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