Who’s a yo-yo?

Remember Charlie Rich’s song, the chorus of which went “You know that life has its little ups and downs.  Like ponies on a merry-go-round.”?  It’s like that with my weight.  I’m back in the 180s after enjoying a spell in the low 170s.  Why is that?

One factor is my running…or lack of running.  Running (I call it running although my speeds put me in the jogging range.) not only burns calories it curbs my appetite.  Ergo, my weight goes or stays down. 

The other factor is my diet.  That’s Margarita’s job with my supervision.  Country folks here have little knowledge of nutrition.  They eat to fill their bellies and don’t concern themselves with variety, taste, color, or effect on health or life in general.  Like hunter-gatherers, if they have a supply of walnuts they’ll eat them for days until they run out and then search for blueberries.

I have a suggested list of meals on the refrigerator in English and Spanish to assist her in keeping me healthy and happy gustatorially.  Nothing complicated.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing outside her limited range of cooking experiences.

I also have a personal rule about eating when I’m hungry three times a day.  That keeps me from eating the family’s late supper or participating in their four (five if you count the meal served the kids at CDI that Margarita and María often enjoy as well) meals a day.  I don’t snack junk food but will have an apple or banana between breakfast and lunch.  My bane is drinking Pepsi when I’m thirsty rather than the strange tasting bottled water they sell.

The other controlling factor is the physical condition of my legs.  You need two to ambulate and at best I have one.  The ankle I broke some thirty years ago has gotten more painful with arthritis as time has passed.  The funny thing is that it doesn’t hurt when I’m jogging.  It hurts when I’ve rested after a run.  Then the next day it might not support my weight without excruciating pain.  On the second day I might not even be aware of it.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing pain in my opposite knee.  I’m either wise enough not to run on it or lazy enough to use it as an excuse not to run.  So November has not found me plodding along the highway for a few weeks.  I did substitute one bicycle ride to Chalchuapa which did not bother either joint.

A psychological corrolary to not running and therefore not finishing my workout with some post-run upper body exercises in the park is that I tend to feel hungry and eat more than I should.  And so, here I am.  A yo-yo on the heavy end of the string.  Maybe next week I’ll get back on the ball.  Maybe.


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