¡Hola Mundo!

How marvelous!  My own blog.  I’m learning all kinds of good things today as I improve my knowledge of computación.  I’ll keep this short while I determine what I’m to do next and how to get the word out to all my fans out there in cyber land. 

I do not understand some of the terminology as I glance around the edges of this page.  That’s what Google is for.  Google is more valuable to me than Britannica.  And when I figure WordPress out, I have to check out Vimeo.


Don Royer


I’ve been working on improving my page and learning how this blog thing works.  There seems to be a lot of terminology that is not part of my technical vocabulary.  These geniuses who create programs such as this seem to fail to understand that not all of us are nerds who subscribe to magazines in order to keep up with the latest.  Some of us just fall into this stuff and do the best we can with it.  When it comes to “Dashboard”, “Readomattic”, “Tag”, and “Akismet Stats”, what the heck are they talking about?

I want this blog to represent me and what’s important to me.  God, Margarita, my kids, the social issues that affect us here in El Salvador, what the church can do and not do, the U.S. as a declining power morally as well as economically and militarily, and Duke the puppy.



One response to “¡Hola Mundo!

  1. Fascinating… you use this as a diary and come across as a very wise man. Peace!

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